Rogue Brian

You know how Rogue One works really well if you put Life of Brian quotes over all the scenes?

…No? Just me?

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Rogue One: we were led by a star I thought Rogue One was a decent film. It was the most hectic film I have ever watched, and the protagonist had a poor story arc, but I liked its themes about the damage of war and the personal cost of rebellion.

Rogue One oh yeah how much Rogue One right you're in

It was a fun film and I did enjoy it. Plus (spoilers!) the ending was really gutsy, especially for a Disney film. (I was most upset when Bodhi the pilot died. I thought they should have let one of them get away – just one, so that we appreciated the sacrifices of the others all the more – but that’s just my personal opinion.)

Rogue One he's over there Rogue One splitter

Here’s the best review I read about the film, which I mostly agree with. My favourite line, which I think is very true, is “It’s as if Rogue One has a bad script and a good script simultaneously.”

Rogue One Reg

I may not have particularly strong feelings about Rogue One, but I have very strong feelings about Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Rogue One could be stabbed

I reckon I make a Monty Python reference most days of my life. So I was sitting in the cinema, watching Rogue One, and a voice in my head started coming up with these.

Rogue One Biggus Dickus Rogue One Cowuscant

And frankly, I would rather re-watch Rogue Brian.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop.

I’m sure there are more. Please send in suggestions. I would love to do a second post, Rogue Brian 2 – or if someone can come up with ten ideas for Rogue Grail then that would be great too.

I know that for many people, Star Wars is a sacred text. Well, Life of Brian and The Holy Grail are my sacred texts.

And if you didn’t see this last one coming, then I think you may be in the wrong place.

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