Author: Ollie Randall

Roundup of 2019

Randall Writing has just celebrated its second birthday! I love doing this because a supportive community of readers has developed around the site, and over the past year we’ve grown a great deal. There’s been two and a half times more website traffic in 2019 than in 2018 – so thank you to those of…

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A Midnight Encounter

Back to Stories With Drawings One night at university, just before midnight, I was walking down a dark alley. I had spent all day working on my Ancient History thesis – the deadline was just a week away. I’d signed up for a shift volunteering for a charity which started at twelve o’clock, but until…

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Too Much Stilton

Back to Stories with Drawings In September I went to Dublin to stay with my friend Christoph, who was spending a week there visiting his parents. We decided to go to a fancy members’ club, because we had a letter of introduction. We had to wear a jacket and tie, and the whole thing felt…

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