Author: Ollie Randall

Commissioned Cartoons

Here are a few of the cartoons I’ve recently been asked to do! This one was commissioned by someone who wanted to give it as a wedding gift, because she had seen a series of cartoons I’d done for a previous wedding present. I was asked to draw the moment the groom proposed to his…

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Jelly Shots

Back to Stories with Drawings This is not a story that reflects well on me. Near the beginning of my Masters degree, a friend from the course called Naomi invited me to a party she and her housemates were hosting. I was living in London and Naomi’s house was in Oxford, so she said I…

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Roundup of 2019

Randall Writing has just celebrated its second birthday! I love doing this because a supportive community of readers has developed around the site, and over the past year we’ve grown a great deal. There’s been two and a half times more website traffic in 2019 than in 2018 – so thank you to those of…

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