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Cartoons At Events

I draw cartoons at events – but how does this work? Here’s a simple three-step explanation! 1. I turn up to your event Get in touch to make a booking. I’m happy to draw cartoons at all kinds of events. I market myself mainly as a wedding cartoonist, but I love drawing other events as…

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Imperial Winter Ball

A few months ago I was Artist in Residence at a charity gala. The same people very kindly invited me to the Imperial Winter Ball in Belgravia, an event to raise money for the Children’s Burns Trust. So once again, I turned up with my sketchbook and got to work. The dress code was black…

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Odyssey Summary 2: Ithaca

My summary of The Odyssey Books 13-24 is below this short discussion about xenia. Back to The Odyssey Summary: Books 1-12. The Odyssey and Xenia The Odyssey is a deeply complex text, but perhaps its most important theme is the sacred relationship between guest and host (the Greek word for this concept is xenia). Almost every part of The Odyssey…

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