A Song of Ice and Disappointment

Game of Thrones bannerHow one of modern fiction’s most ambitious, brilliant failures gave rise to Game of Thrones, television’s most ambitious, brilliant failure

So that’s it, then.

After a twenty-three-year wait, the world finally knows what happens at the end of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R R Martin’s world-famous fantasy series which spawned the HBO television epic Game of Thrones. On 19th May, the very last episode of Game of Thrones aired, and the story came to an end.

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Max and Alysha

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In my role as a wedding cartoonist, I was commissioned to draw a series of cartoons for the wedding of two people called Max and Alysha. I don’t know them, but two of their friends sent me all the information I needed. I was given descriptions of eight defining moments in their relationship, and a list of in-jokes to include.

Max and Alysha met at Manchester University in 2008. Owens Park was their accommodation block. Continue reading →